Forget. Forgot. Forgotten

I’m afraid that I am the type to be easily forgotten.

That amidst the chaos of the world and our day-to-day living, you will not remember me. You will forget my name, just as easily as you forget my breath tinkling your neck as we embrace. You will forget how I feel when we wrap arms around each other.

You will forget me, just as easy as you forgot the one before me. You will replace our photo with someone else’s smiling face. You will hid my belongings as you cuddle up to her and watch movie after movie on a Saturday. You will cook her meals on the pots and pans we bought together. You will serve it with that huge grin that I fell in love with, on plates we chose. You will look in to her eyes and say “Cheers” because you found out that you MUST look at each other intensely as you clink glasses – our glasses, we only bought in twos.

I know I don’t dazzle like others. I am plain, simple, and beautiful is not a word to describe how I look.

It’s easy to forget me. Others have done it in the past. I won’t blame you if you do too. I can’t. That isn’t fair.

How sad life is, if people we love can just as easily be strangers.


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