Tick tock

Can I have the secret lock, please
To rewind the clock

To the days when you would love me
with every passing line,
You would hang on to every word I said
and smile with twinkling glee
when I walked around the room
weaving dream after dream.

Now that the minutes have rushed by
and days have all but gone,
you rather not even whisper
the answers to my heart.

The messages become shorter
just a word or two at most,
because the girl that made you happy
can never be replaced with my drones

You watch as I scramble
so hard to make you mine
and I watch as you smirk
Because I’ll never even survive –
in your world, it’s all complete
you don’t need another person
to fill up the noise,
Because once you found her,
But never will I,

Be her.


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