Love me

And then she said to him,
“Don’t love me.
Don’t love me for what you fell in love with.
because she has danced her way out of my life.
She has dived into the ocean and sprung herself to the horizon. Climbed the tallest tree and become one with the sky.
She has taken flight.”

“Love me,” she said,
“For the imperfection that I am.
laughs that turn into anger,
smiles that turn into tears.
The discomfort I feel of myself.
Love me,
For the pent up emotions –
a jumble of feelings.
Love me,
For the endless thoughts
that run in my head.
Love me,
For the way that I am.

I might not be this tomorrow,
day after, tonight.
But love me enough to follow me
with the changes, and dreams, and fears.
And maybe, just maybe
you’ll find me good enough
to trust me with your heart.

Right now though,
you don’t love me. You love who I was.
But I am not that person  anymore.”


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