The ocean is calling

I have been starring at the screen for the last 15 minutes trying to come up with one, or perhaps two words to sum up the glorious sight of a fiery sun taking a cooling dip in the calm of the ocean. Try as I might, I do not recall a word that has been created to effectively draw in all the beauty, the gloriousness, the absolute spread of joy and colour of a sunset in this beautiful island home.
I am a sea person, an ocean girl at heart. I love the waves just as much as I love the sky that stretches above – a clean slate of never ending beauty with a painting of its own every single hour. I love the salty smell of the waves, the foams of comfort that play hide-and-seek with my toes. I love the soft sand that makes space for memories of footprints. I love the taste of the water, its sting on my eyes.
Most of all, I love how it calms me as it pulls me in to a reverie and reminds me that the world is my canvas and my emotions, my colour.
Every time I watch the ocean, I am reminded of my place in the world. I am nothing but a speck of sand, a magical dust particle dancing in the light of the sun. I am small. I am me. I am my own.
This is my lesson today.

Sri Lanka, you beautiful beast. You never fail to surprise me with your light. Thank you for weaving a blanket of colour with the richest purples and deepest pinks as I watch the world moves from a lively jive to a peaceful ballet.
The sun takes a well deserved bow, and draws its curtain close. The moon is slowly making its way up, a mystical beauty, and in its trail, its children of the world – slow glowing stars of wonder.
Come, entrap me in your warmth.


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