Another year older

How do you know when your getting old
before wrinkles form on your face
and your eyelids are lined with scrawls?

how do you know your climbing up
that steep stairway of age,
before you find a hair painted in grey
or your skin starts getting softer than cotton wool?

It is when you understand
that life is but a game
to be played with leisurely strokes.
and at times, a 3000m track
you’ll have to sprint to get across.
that hurdles are lined at varied levels
and you’ll have to jump even if it means,
you fall.
and when you do, there’s nothing better
than to pick yourself up
dust off the grime
and run, again.

you know you’re getting old
when you start reminiscing the past
and nod at the mistakes
and attempt to make them right.

when you don’t rush into
the arms of security
ignoring the locks and keys
that are hidden from sight.

when you turn your back
to so called friends,
who’s knives are aimed at your back.
and snuggle out, of years worth of lies.

you know your old
when your kid sister is going on dates
and you can wish your old boyfriends well
from the bottom of your heart.

when you know you can smile
even through the tears,
and when hope forms
even at the bleakest hours.

Another year disappears,
while i embrace another.
i’ll get my post-it’s and markers ready
to add and tick,
more memories of life.


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