Words unsaid

"One eye open. One still in a dream."


God’s best creation
are your smiling eyes
that understand and loves
your lips that form
the perfect antidotes
for my happiness,
your arms
so strong and yet so gentle
in its touch,
that perfect face
bursting emotions after emotion
like a fresh blooming lily,
beautiful and pure.
But perhaps his most precious work,
could be found in your heart
open and inviting
so full of life
that you only have to tip it
just a little,
to pour out the love.

What a blessing it is
to bask
in His most treasured piece of art.


You make me so happy
I forget
I don’t like the people
You love.


I know you’re busy.
but I still keep looking
for a sign
that shows you miss me,
just as I miss you;
every single second
you and I are not together.

We both know that’s a lot.
But you’re in my mind, darling
and forever.
I just can’t help it.

Can you keep a secret?

I love you.

Sometimes miracles take human form

And I thank God, for you.

I am yours

Any day.
Any time.

You are

in my head
on my lips
in my ears
on the curve of my back
between the cheeks.

Fingers clutching
skin against skin


The mind replays
on its own.
The heartbeat quickens
The body shudders
gasping for breath –
Caught in an endless moment
of perfect,
and happiness.

We were perfect.
The most passionate story,
cannot hold a candle,
to us.


Sitting here waiting for you,
time couldn’t move at a slower pace.

I miss you.
So very much.


There was a man
who once called me beautiful.

Two years is a lifetime ago.

Forever wish

Moonlight on my face
The waves at my feet
Love besides me
And joy inside me.

Ocean girl

I want to dance
to the music of the waves
to the slow hum of a roar,
my feet,
sprouting flowers our of sand
my hair,
the whip of a slave,
finally set free.

Stardust sprinkled,
Moonlight shining,

This is what I want,
to feel.


to anyone who can make me feel
desirable again.

Questions question questions

Would you think of me more
If I looked any better?


I wonder what you see in me,
when all I see is ugly.

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