Words unsaid

"One eye open. One still in a dream."


Me without you.

Please don’t go

You have my heart.


I’m shaking so much

the words are jumbled 

even as I type.

You are taking so much of me

when you go.



You had my favourite smile,

my favourite grin;

and was my best friend.

Past tense hurt like a bitch.


You hold my heart

in your hands,

And draw out silvers of flesh 

all the while,

looking in to my love-filled eyes.

Slow death,

is your final gift to me.

Am I dead?

I see myself through the jarred edges

Of the glass you hold.

I see myself bleeding

from my heart;

But it’s the strangest thing,

I don’t feel anymore.

To the man who has my heart

My love for you is infinite, just as the stars in the sky. 

The irony of you

I came to you in piece

and you made me whole.

Then you shattered me against the glass

and watched as I fell,

in to a million little pieces,

each shrieking in protest,

for it has finally found it’s place.

Instead of covering your ears,

you laughed.


I don’t take the name of Jesus


I won’t swear on Him

just for anyone.

But for you,

anything, anytime,

all the time.

What you are

You are worth every risk I take.

Did you know, darling

You make me a poet.



I hold on to you.


I give you my all.

Story Time

All the words in all the books,

can never describe this:

Our Story;

A tale of forbidden love, half-lived lives

and unbreakable ties.

You will always have my heart,

my dear one.

Love Song

“I can’t live without you.”

I have built my home in you

Seeing you,

is what coming home must feel like;

to a war veteran.

You quieten the wars within me,

and replace it with wonderful adoration.

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