Words unsaid

"One eye open. One still in a dream."


There was a man
who once called me beautiful.

Two years is a lifetime ago.

Forever wish

Moonlight on my face
The waves at my feet
Love besides me
And joy inside me.

Ocean girl

I want to dance
to the music of the waves
to the slow hum of a roar,
my feet,
sprouting flowers our of sand
my hair,
the whip of a slave,
finally set free.

Stardust sprinkled,
Moonlight shining,

This is what I want,
to feel.


to anyone who can make me feel
desirable again.

Questions question questions

Would you think of me more
If I looked any better?


I wonder what you see in me,
when all I see is ugly.


Why am I writing poetry,
When you are the lines that flow
the rhymes that  meet,
at the end of the line
the commas and fullstops
the body and the title
the beginning and the end,
and the spaces in between?

Food for thought

I was never the one
to have understood
canibalistic instincts
until I saw you

I want to eat.you.up


To forget you,
I’d have to smoke so much
I’d set myself on fire.


You say you love me,
and then you leave
under false pretense.

Did you tire of me that easy?


is not for danger
or love
or for traffic control.

Red is us.
From lips to nails
to saris draped
Red is our colour,
ours alone.

Modern soliloquy

Don’t get too close
it’s dark inside.
Rodent infested,
cob-webbed room,
of self-hate,
and disgust.
Whimsy,  weary,
scarred, ugly,

No, this is not for the fainthearted.
I am hard to love.

Second hand goods

Never the first choice,
Always the second.

What is distance, when loneliness is your best friend

I have been loved, immeasurably,
across the seas
through winter and cold
from miles apart.

I don’t need you
to tell me,
I’m not worth it.

I don’t have to listen.


are you driving the knife deeper,
My heart is already bleeding.

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