Words unsaid

"One eye open. One still in a dream."

Once upon a time 

There was once a girl 

Who only managed to 

Borrow love;

Never own it.

Forget. Forgot. Forgotten

I’m afraid that I am the type to be easily forgotten.

That amidst the chaos of the world and our day-to-day living, you will not remember me. You will forget my name, just as easily as you forget my breath tinkling your neck as we embrace. You will forget how I feel when we wrap arms around each other.

You will forget me, just as easy as you forgot the one before me. You will replace our photo with someone else’s smiling face. You will hid my belongings as you cuddle up to her and watch movie after movie on a Saturday. You will cook her meals on the pots and pans we bought together. You will serve it with that huge grin that I fell in love with, on plates we chose. You will look in to her eyes and say “Cheers” because you found out that you MUST look at each other intensely as you clink glasses – our glasses, we only bought in twos.

I know I don’t dazzle like others. I am plain, simple, and beautiful is not a word to describe how I look.

It’s easy to forget me. Others have done it in the past. I won’t blame you if you do too. I can’t. That isn’t fair.

How sad life is, if people we love can just as easily be strangers.


In a world of chaos, I found you.

I found you.
I stumbled on to you.
Now I bask in your light.
I am ridiculously incredibly lucky.

You, a wordsmith with kind eyes, an arrogant smile, and a booming laugh. A personality bigger than your anatomy. You radiated eternal sunshine,your words wrapped in slapstick humor, in inspiration and with life.
You were a hurricane. A whirlwind. A storm.
You came in to my life, unassumingly at first, and then all of a sudden, using a force only natural to you. Disturbing a peace I only thought I had. Replacing it with life, nurturing it until it grew, straightening my wings, a gentle shove forward, but always a step behind to pick me up.

Thanking you seems inadequate. It doesn’t do justice to who you are to me.
But I know not how to pour out the sincerest of wishes and gratitude to who you are.

At the risk of sounding cliché, you mean the world to me, and more.
You are my best friend. Truly. I have had those I considered best, before you; and I continue to give them that; but you and I know, that nothing compares, to you.
You are the sun that filters through the blind every morning. The goodness in each new day.
You are the sky at dusk with the innumerable hues of God’s favourite colours brushed cross the clouds. The beauty in the mundane.
You are the infinite stars that sprawls across the sky. The million good things in one body.
You are the waves that sweeps in to kiss the sandy shores. The salty breeze that embrace the skin. The feeling of nanoscopic life, laced with the greatest of blessings.
You are the incredible whiff of cut grass after rain. Fresh, anew.
You are the green of the valley, the mesmarising views. Beautiful at every turn.
You are my favourite words, best poems. Forever ingrained.
You are The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. Stirring up emotions, every stroke,a story of its own.

You are more to me than these words. This life. This world.
You are a part of me. A constant soul mate.

The love of my life.

Please don’t leave me behind. Forgive my mistakes and hold me.
For I, will be nothing without you.

You’re greatest fan; forever ally.


Through the sweat
And the tears,
Grit and fears,
I will be there for you.




I don’t know what it is
about you,
That makes me crave your company,
so much.
Like a man gasping for breath,
A firefighter battling
with stubborn flames
that refuse to calm down;
Like the waves
that try to take back
the salty grains.

It is true what I said,
You are worth the world’s weight
in gold.
and I’ll keep fighting
to keep this treasure close.


God’s best creation
are your smiling eyes
that understand and loves
your lips that form
the perfect antidotes
for my happiness,
your arms
so strong and yet so gentle
in its touch,
that perfect face
bursting emotions after emotion
like a fresh blooming lily,
beautiful and pure.
But perhaps his most precious work,
could be found in your heart
open and inviting
so full of life
that you only have to tip it
just a little,
to pour out the love.

What a blessing it is
to bask
in His most treasured piece of art.


You make me so happy
I forget
I don’t like the people
You love.


I know you’re busy.
but I still keep looking
for a sign
that shows you miss me,
just as I miss you;
every single second
you and I are not together.

We both know that’s a lot.
But you’re in my mind, darling
and forever.
I just can’t help it.

Can you keep a secret?

I love you.

Sometimes miracles take human form

And I thank God, for you.

I am yours

Any day.
Any time.

You are

in my head
on my lips
in my ears
on the curve of my back
between the cheeks.

Fingers clutching
skin against skin


The mind replays
on its own.
The heartbeat quickens
The body shudders
gasping for breath –
Caught in an endless moment
of perfect,
and happiness.

We were perfect.
The most passionate story,
cannot hold a candle,
to us.


Sitting here waiting for you,
time couldn’t move at a slower pace.

I miss you.
So very much.


There was a man
who once called me beautiful.

Two years is a lifetime ago.

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