Words unsaid

"One eye open. One still in a dream."


Where do you sleep
on a bed,
where there is no space
for you?


Sometimes I wonder if he loves at all.
Or is it just easy convenience,
Turned inconvenient.

Sorry bro, didn’t get the memo.


The distance keeps growing
Between the sheets.

It could only mean one thing.


Never right.
Never good enough.
Always falling short.

And I thought this would be easy.
Bestfriend and all.

The world lied.


Our love is a see-saw ride.
You might not be able to lift it off ground.

One side is heavier than the other.


The quietness in the room
Draws pins across my skin
Thin line of nothingness
And a oozing layer of worthlessness.

That’s what you make me feel.


Silence -
Beautiful in the morning.
Hateful in the night.

Easy happiness

The flashing smile
and crinkling eyes -
are my most favorite things.


You remember my accidental slips
- three in total.
“You said you loved me thrice,
I just said it once -
Your the love of my life.”

“I didn’t mean it, if you didn’t.”

We both know we did.


The heart,  it hurts
The body, it shakes
The spirit, it breaks.

Love, is it?

Too many tears have been shed
In 60 days,
Than in 730.

What is love,
Pray tell me.


The heart,
it bleeds -
a drop at a time.

The smile,
it wavers
a second and a bit,

I miss the nooks,
I cradle in, in you.
I miss the lines
that smile across your palms.
I miss the electricity
that charges at your touch.
The stars that stretches
across you body -
winking, calling, luring me in.

I miss the smiles
in between kisses.
The whispered iloveyou
caught amidst a dance
of bodies
on tangled sheets.
I miss the music
in my ears,
as you speak to me.

I just miss you, baby
All of you, and little parts of you.
I miss you whole.

Heartbreak III

The heart misses,
what the heart misses.
The body craves,
what it craves.
The mind wants
what it wants.
I need
what you need,
make up your mind
or leave mine.

Heartbreak II

When you are too busy
perfecting your designs,
He is busy
illustrating my heart.


When you are too busy
He is too busy
loving me.

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