Words unsaid

"One eye open. One still in a dream."


You are right,
I am outrageous.
I am outrageously yours.

Stop and stare

He stopped.
He stared.
Eyes grew big.
Lips formed an O.

You ate me with your eyes,
while I sat at your desk,
slowly revolving,
one leg over the others.

I wore my black heels,
just for you.

Desire II

I didn’t understand desire
until your whispers filled my ears
and your disobedient tongue
made me shiver with pleasure.

Desire I

I didn’t understand desire
until I felt him shiver to my tongue
tracing a map,
on his never-ending collarbone.

Lust III

“Everything you do,
is sexy.
Even the way
you touch my hand.
You have no idea.”

You have no idea,
the effect of your smile
on my sanity.

Lust II

Wohoa, his face read.
His mouth, a big O
eyes crinkling on the sides
dimples showing,
“You blew me away.
“Ecstasy is what I’m on.”


Have you had ecstasy,
he asked.
“Because that is what
you made me feel.”

A prayer

I fucking miss you.
I fucking miss you.
I fucking miss you,  baby.
I’ll stop calling if I’m messing with your head,
You have to move on with life.
I fucking miss you.

Your words are a prayer
reverberating with each beat
within the walls of my heart.

I love you.
I love you soooooo much.

-as did I-


“A real man,
Won’t make you cry”,
you read this,
and you agree.
But you make me cry anyway.


Your voice no longer excite me
the same way it did months ago.
But your face,
and the crinkles
makes me want to
wrap my arms around you;
and love you,
once again.


These fucking memories are haunting me,
you say.
It’s 1.30a.m.
and I’m groggy with sleep. 
But your words awaken
a sense of longing so strong, 
It pulls me out of my dreams
and pushes me into another.
It haunts me,
for the rest of the night
And will trail me,
for the rest of my life.


Where do you sleep
on a bed,
where there is no space
for you?


Sometimes I wonder if he loves at all.
Or is it just easy convenience,
Turned inconvenient.

Sorry bro, didn’t get the memo.


The distance keeps growing
Between the sheets.

It could only mean one thing.


Never right.
Never good enough.
Always falling short.

And I thought this would be easy.
Bestfriend and all.

The world lied.

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